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Why do I have limited access to new Pro Feature, even though I bought a one-time purchase for StepsApp Pro?

One-time purchases have not been available since 2020, since StepsApp switched to a monthly or yearly subscription model.

Since then, access to Pro Features remained unchanged for all users who previously bought a one-time purchase. That is still the case and you will continue to have Pro access to the features you bought, including:

  • Personalized goal settings for all your goals (calories, distance, floors)
  • Customizable app widget
  • Insights with detailed overviews of your activity
  • Get a detailed analysis of the intensity of your Apple Watch workouts
  • Customizable Watch complication
  • Custom app colors
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly trend-views
  • Ads-free app version

Starting from 15.12.2023, StepsApp is rolling out a major Update that introduces long awaiting, all-new features: Workouts and Leaderboard (Coming soon), which stand tall to give the user a more challenging experience within StepsApp! 
While these features introduce an amazing new User Experience, they also introduce a new level of maintenance costs for StepsApp, from employees to server and backend costs, which is why an additional subscription is required, in order to use these features in Pro mode.

We really value our loyal user base, who has been supporting our journey from day one and really hope that you will continue to use StepsApp and all of its new features, which are being developed by our team for You!

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