10 best effective tips to stay motivated in autumn

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No motivation for activities in autumn? Here we go! 10 best effective tips to stay motivated in autumn.

The warm summer air is replaced by a colder fresh breeze of autumn. The leaves are falling down and the trees are more colorful. The days are getting shorter and your motivation for being active is getting lower, like the temperatures outside.

So how to stay motivated to keep active? The 10 best effective tips to stay active during the colder time of the year.

10 best effective tips to stay motivated in autumn!

Plan your goals and highlights for 2020

Think about which event you wanna run in 2020. It can be a marathon, halfmarathon or 5k run. Whether you are competitive or not, set goals. One goal may also be that you simply want to hike on a special mountain. And for that you have to be fit and create the endurance and strengthen base in winter.

Go out and enjoy the beautiful nature

The trees change from green leaves to orange, red, and yellow. The atmosphere brightens from the color change and is mystic from the fog in the morning. This is the very special time of the year.

Strength training now!

If you want to lose weight, gain muscle or feel better, strength training will do that. Dont wait. Use the colder days to start with this and stay tuned. We promise, by the end of the winter you will have the perfect body for the next summer.

Reward yourself with new shoes

The autumn sale is the best time to get some new shoes for the extra kick of motivation. It does not always have to be the latest equipment. It is important that the shoes are adapted to you and chosen by a running expert. But new running gear is always a motivation and with a warm new jacket there are no excuses anymore.

Use tools which motivate you

There are a lots of tools which can motivate you and help you to track and analyze your progress. You can use a simple steps tracker or a professional online platform. No matter what, let them motivate you for more active time.

Train with friends or in a group

  1. Group training leads to faster and better results when compared to working out on your own. It´s a great way to maximize your results. Its a great motivation for your training and you can be a fast way to success.

Work on your technique

  1. If you are a runner or a swimmer then you should always also work on your technique skills. A professional trainer can help you to find an economic and fast technique. Many injuries are caused by bad technique so it’s a good time to improve it before you start with more intensive training.

Read some motivational articles

  1. Educate yourself with some goods reads about motivation or sports. This will help your mind to focus more on your training and workout.

Adjust training times

  1. If you do not want to run in the dark, then maybe you can use a longer lunch break for a short workout or nice run in the fresh air. Allow yourself 5 minutes to change clothes and 15 minutes to clean afterwards. So you have 40 minutes for a workout and only one hour left.

Variation in training

  1. Try out something new as the season change. Change the discipline or try something totally new. A great workout for fall is indoor rowing. It’s a cardio and muscle training all in one. So perfect for the start into the new season.
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