Most frequently asked fitness questions!

We answer the most common questions about fitness for beginners. What you need to know when you are just starting your training. The most common questions and answers for fitness beginners.

#abstraining – Perfect ABS for Summer

Summer is coming and with it also the bathing season. Who wouldn’t like to have a flat belly for the open-air pool – possibly even with some abs showing?

Exercises against back pain in the home office

Many people know back pain. At the moment, the number of people experiencing back pain is increasing because of the work situation in the home office.

5 Minutes Full Body + Endurance Workout

The sides of your core are just as important as the front. Here is a great exercise that target the obliques muscles, the sides of the core, the arms and also legs. It’s a kind of full body workout with an endurance part.

Fit for the summer season

The summer season is closer again and we are looking for easy ways to improve fitness. 

Fit in spring and ready for summer – 5 exercises for your perfect workout!

Spring is the perfect time to work on physical fitness. Start training now, lose winter weight and get fit for summer!

HIT Endurance Workout – Knee Up & Deep Squat

Get ready to be sweaty in no time with this Full Body HIT Workout which betters your endurance and strength. Keep up and deep squat to better your mobility, your balance, your endurance and strengthen your muscles.

5 minutes for a perfect butt

Want a well shaped butt without going to the gym? We have the perfect butt workout for you to create the perfect butt at home. Invest five minutes every day and get stronger, better looking and fitter.

Back pain when running

There are different reasons why it can come to back pain when running. For a healthy back a stable core and a good coordination are important. With pain in the lower back often weak core muscles can be the reason and with pain in the upper back often the head posture is the reason.

Boost Your Fitness and Health with the right Training

How to get started your training and how it helps your health to be fit – Tips for your fitness workout!

Training at home – the best tips for your home workout!

You can also do an effective training at home. If you can’t go to the gym or are at home, you can work out just as well. Training with your own body weight and / or simple aids is very effective and is ab absolutely free. So you stay fit at home in your own four walls. The perfect home workout for you.

5 exercises for a flat belly

A flat belly is a sign of fitness and health. But beside the optical reasons, a fit belly makes you stronger and gives you stability for your daily movements. You will have less injuries and feel more comfortable. Train for a flat belly and strong core muscles!

Fit in Autumn – 3 effective Exercises for Running and Hiking

Autumn time is running and hiking time. When the leaves fall from the trees the forests become beautifully colorful and the temperatures are no longer quite so hot, then this is the best season for walks and runs in nature. To get fit for running and hiking after summer, we have put together three effective exercises for you. Fit in autumn – 3 effective exercises for running and hiking

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