Training at home – the best tips for your home workout!

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You can also do an effective training at home. If you can’t go to the gym or are at home, you can work out just as well. Training with your own body weight and / or simple aids is very effective and is ab absolutely free.  So you stay fit at home in your own four walls. The perfect home workout for you.

What is the most effective way to train at home?

Just like in the gym, warming up is very important. This protects you from injuries and prepares you for intensive training at home. Simple exercises such as jumping on the stand, skippings, jumping jack or dynamic stretches (slightly rocking) are perfect for this. The warm-up program should take about 5-10 minutes and include as many muscle groups as possible. Then the actual training begins. Whether in the living room, in the bedroom or in the kitchen, you can train anywhere at home. You only need about 1-2m2 of floor space around you.

Training at home is best done in a split workout. This means, for example, that you choose five exercises and start with the first. Then you take a break of 30 seconds to 1 minute and continue with the next exercise until you are through all five. Then you start all over again. Depending on how well trained you are, you can do 1-5 runs. Gladly more too. It is best to increase the runs from week to week and also change the exercises / exercise sequence after about 4 weeks.

What do you need for a workout at home?

Basically not much. A gym mat and sports clothing. Exercising with your own body weight can be very effective. If you have a rubber band, weights, rope or a medicine ball at home, you can of course use it for your training too. When training with your own body weight, it is important that you do the exercises slowly and in a controlled manner and ensure that you have sufficient body tension. You can also use the living room couch or the edge of the bed for your training (for example for triceps dips or lunge).

How often can I do my fitness training / workout at home?

In principle, you can train every day at home. However, it makes sense to give the body the necessary regeneration at home. It would be ideal if you took a day off after 3 days of training. Design your training so that you first do a strength unit and then the endurance part. On the day off, for example, you can do a little stretching mobility program. You can also burn calories at home and use the step counter app to reach your step goal.

Our tips for your training at home

  • Warm up first, then weight training and then endurance training
  • Endurance can best be trained at home with jumping rope, jumping jacks or a HIT workout
  • Make sure you have at least one training-free day per week
  • 15-30min a day also keep you fit at home
  • Partner exercises are ideal to stay motivated
  • Make sure there is enough space and safety (be careful with glass tables, slippery carpets or sharp edges).

You can train effectively at home, save time and still stay fit.

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