Fit in Autumn – 3 effective Exercises for Running and Hiking

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To get fit for running and hiking after summer, we have put together three effective exercises for running and hiking.

Autumn time is running and hiking time. When the leaves fall from the trees the forests become beautifully colorful and the temperatures are no longer quite so hot, then this is the best season for walks and runs in nature.

1. Hip Mobilization for Running

In almost all sports, a good range of motion in the hips and pelvis is important to avoid having a good range of motion and to avoid injuries.

For the hip mobilization exercise, do each in 3 rounds of 5-10 repetitions. Make slow and controlled movements and avoid pain points.

Hip Mobilization effective exercise for running and hiking

2. Knee Stability for Hiking

A common injury in running and walking is knee injury due to careless kicking and movement. These can be prevented and avoided by specific stability training in the knee. Balance and coordination training will prevent you from twisting your ankle while running or hiking and are effective for economical movement.

Again, for the knee stability exercise, do 2-3 passes per knee with 30-60 seconds of balance. Best done before running or hiking as you should be rested for coordination exercises.

Knee Stability effective exercise for running and hiking

3. Back Strength for Running & Hiking

The base to get Fit in autumn – 3 effective exercises for running and hiking and also a common weak point for sports and movements in everyday life is the back. Bad posture leads to tension and in further consequence this can lead to problems other places like knees and hips. Therefore, training for the back is the absolute prerequisite for healthy movement.

Train the back strength 2-3 per week in 3-4 rounds each with 15-20 repetitions. Slowly and with concentration. The important thing is the clean execution of the movement and not the speed.

Back Strength effective exercise for running and hiking

With these three exercises you start 3-5 weeks Fit in the fall – 3 effective exercises for running and walking. Have fun!

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