Does a pedometer count exactly?

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A pedometer is a very practical tool for daily fitness motivation. With the right app, you can turn your phone into a simple and beautiful pedometer. But does ist count correct at all?

Cell phone in your pocket, and the pedometer automatically records your steps in the background! For the necessary motivation, you can set goals and will be notified when you should be more active. The clear evaluation shows how you have improved or on which days you have taken more steps. But does a pedometer count exactly?

How does a pedometer count your steps?

A pedometer app, for example, uses the built-in sensors of the phone to count the steps. The basis for counting steps is the so-called pedometer, which registers and analyzes the corresponding movements. Your steps are determined on the basis of this data. The accuracy of the sensors always depends on the sensor quality in the phone. The latest phones have very, very good sensors that can distinguish exactly what counts as a step and what counts as another vibration. Acceleration sensors and altimeters give additional data. In conjunction with the Apple Watch or a compatible Smart Watch, even the GPS data is tracked and the exact route is recorded. This makes the evaluation even more extensive. Therefore it is not always necessary to have your own hardware. An app uses the existing sensors on the phone and determines the data very well.

When are the steps counted correctly?

The pedometer is always as good as the hardware. It is best to put your phone in your pocket with the pedometer app it should work perfect. If you have your phone in your handbag, backpack, stroller or in the car, the app may not count all of your steps correctly. This happens because pedometers count steps based on vibration patterns. However, the hardware is becoming more and more precise and recognizes the type of vibration better and better.

Tips for the correct settings of a pedometer

  • If you feel that the distance is wrong, you can adjust your stride manually.
  • Carry the phone with the pedometer app in your pocket.
  • It is best to keep the phone in the car in a vibration-free place.
  • Switch off the cell phone while cycling so that no steps are counted.
  • Steps are also counted in flight mode, so you can record your activity despite the low battery.
  • Set your personal data (age, gender, weight, height, etc.) exactly, then the calculations will be done correctly.
  • Synchronize the app with Apple Health or Google Fit, if you use the Apple Watch or other smart devices, the data will be compared as best as possible.
  • Always check that background updates and all other permissions are activated and that the app is in sleep mode so that everything is counted correctly.


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