How can I see my steps of the past in StepsApp?

Have you always wanted to know how many steps you took in the years or months before? No problem, with StepsApp you can analyze data from the past.

How do the Insights in StepsApp work?

If you like statistics and evaluations of your fitness activities as much as we do, then the Insights are just right for you. Evaluate your activities and improve your health by training even better.

NEW UPDATE – StepsApp 6.0 is available!

Finally it’s here! Not only the long awaited widget for iOS 14 is included, but also completely new features are on board with StepsApp 6.0.

How to install and setup StepsApp Pedometer & Step Counter

Watch how to install StepsApp on the phone and make the right settings for your first start of StepsApp.

5 StepsApp Hacks for more Individualization – Try it NOW!

With these simple hacks, you can customize StepsApp for you and make it just the way you want it. Set StepsApp individually.

20 Million Downloads of StepsApp – Insane!!

This is insane, StepsApp has been downloaded 20 million times. And we say THANK YOU! We are proud that we have loyal users who constantly develop StepsApp together with us.

NOW - iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets also available in StepsApp

The new iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets are now also available in StepsApp!

Counting floors with StepsApp

An active lifestyle is sustainably healthy and makes you happy. Besides counting steps, you can also count floors. The advantage of counting floors is that you train your strength as well as your endurance. Have you discovered Floors in StepsApp yet?

How many times a day should you look at your stepcounter app?

How many times a day do you look at your pedometer app? As a rule, it is sufficient to look at the app 3-4 times a day, because then you have the most important information you need. But at what time is that ideal?

Manually Set Your Step Length

StepsApp uses your Phone built in sensors to automatically calculate your distance. If you have the feeling that the distance is not correct, you might consider setting up your step length manually.

Set the StepsApp Icon Badge on iPhone and see your actually steps

How to set the App Icon Badge in StepsApp to see your steps

Does a pedometer count exactly?

A pedometer is a very practical tool for daily fitness motivation. With the right app, you can turn your phone into a simple and beautiful pedometer. But does ist count correct at all?

StepsApp App Contapassi - Pedometro e Conta Calorie

Più di 20 milioni di utenti utilizzano già StepsApp.
StepsApp trasforma il tuo telefono in un contapassi semplice e accattivante.
Basta mettere il telefono in tasca e partire.