This is how you not gain weight in #stayhome & home office times!

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Healthy through the home office and #stayhome times. What about your motivation for exercise and sport in the past few weeks? 

Especially in times when you are more at home and have changed your habits, it is difficult to maintain your rhythm of movement. Unfortunately, a few unhealthy habits are creeping in here. Are you constantly eating all day and eating extremely unhealthy? Chocolate is your new love? The lack of movement not only affects your figure, but also your health.

Our tips for a healthy #stayhome and home office time.

1. Structure your day

It is also important in the home office that you structure your day well and have a schedule. Then it cannot happen that you stay in bed for a long time and are inactive. It is best to structure the new week on the weekend before and set goals and priorities. 

2. Active awakening

Start the day actively. Yoga or meditation start your body and mind and get you ready for the day. If you can go outside, you can also get fresh breakfast or the newspaper. This activates you and displaces the indolence.

3. Healthy breakfast

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. Start with a healthy breakfast with enough fruit and enough energy for the day. With complex carbohydrates, fiber and proteins, you provide your body with the right nutrients for a good day.

4. Plan your diet and avoid eating constantly

Make a small eating plan and set meal times and times when you don’t eat. Then it cannot happen that you feed constantly. If you are hungry, you can also make healthy snacks from fruits and vegetables. Our tip: Drink a glass of water when you get hungry. This allows you to delay hunger until the next scheduled meal. Make sure you have a well-balanced diet.

5. Exercise regularly

Get your circulation going regularly and stay active. No matter if you can do sports, go out or just do a home workout. Stay active, set goals and count your steps. Exercises for home workouts help you to stay active and even get fitter even in times of #stayhome. For example, you can have a small walk around the apartment every hour and schedule your daily exercise or home workout after your home office.

6. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol has a lot of calories and if you do less exercise anyway, then the beer will also like to sit down. Therefore, avoid alcohol as much as possible during this time and treat yourself to a delicious fruit juice or similar.

7. Think positive

In difficult and unfamiliar times, it is important that you think positively. Repress negative emotions and see things from the good side. Now it’s time to take care of yourself and calm down. Take the opportunity for things you always wanted to do and just do everything a little bit slower and more carefully.


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