How many calories do I burn when walking?

Burning calories is not that hard. But it is important to find the right mix and not to overdo it in the beginning. Only then will you effectively adopt and sustainably become fitter.

This is the fastest way to burn the calories from your Christmas cookies!

Especially at Christmas, eating sweets shouldn’t be completely forbidden right away. We’ll tell you how you can burn the excess calories right away so that you can sin with a clear conscience.

A strong immune system protects better against diseases!

A strong immune system protects better against diseases. 8 tips for a strong and healthy immune system.

These nutrients strengthen your immune system

Our body is in contact with different pathogens every day. The immune system is the body’s natural defense mechanism. It’s always active and working to fend off pathogens. In that way it protects us from illnesses.

Summer feelings – with these 6 healthy breakfast ideas

Scientific studies found, that having breakfast is no necessity to start the day with enough energy, because our blood-sugar levels are still high for the first hours after getting up.

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