Workout ideas for getting in more steps in summer

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Summer is just around the corner, and this finally brings us more opportunities for outdoor activities. 

There are many great ways of how to get in your steps while spending time outside. We collected some of them. Have a read and pick your personal favourite(s) for workout ideas for getting in more steps in summer.

1. Hiking

Summer is the perfect time for exploring new trails or rediscovering known ones in your surroundings. The height difference that you cover will help you burn some extra calories and the view that awaits you once you reach the top will more than reward you for all your efforts. 

2. Running up hills

Running up some hills is a wonderful way for exercising outside and building your fitness and strength. It’s enough if you take about 20-30 minutes once per week to do this exercise. Plus it is also a great way to get ready for any 5k (or more) runs you want to participate in.

3. Walking in your neighbourhood

Especially if you are just beginning to exercise, walking is great. You could for example get up early in the morning and take a walk before work. Or you can take the time to walk in the evening to calm down after a long day.

4. Beach volleyball

Workout with fun factor. If you want to do something for your fitness this summer besides chilling on the beach, just grab a ball and let off steam in the sand: Beach volleyball is a great full-body workout and a lot of fun. Not only arms and shoulders are trained. Running in the sand and getting momentum from the legs optimally challenge legs and buttocks.

5. Running on an outdoor trail

If you are looking for an exercise opportunity for your entire family or a group of friends with varying fitness levels, running on an outdoor trail is a great option because if offers something for everyone. You can usually find many different outdoor trails in your surroundings.

6. Rope jumping

For a quick workout – wherever you currently are – rope jumping is an exercise, that is both demanding and rewarding at the same time. You can even do various different workouts (with different degrees of difficulty) with your jumping rope.

7. Running in your local park

Even those who live in the city and don’t have woods close-by might find a local park where they can go for a run. In many places there are local park runs held, that provide an atmosphere of encouragement, that might motivate you even more to keep up a good pace. 

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