Fit in spring and ready for summer – 5 exercises for your perfect workout!

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Spring is the perfect time to work on physical fitness. Start training now, lose winter weight and get fit for summer!

Here is the perfect training for you. Burpees offer a great whole body workout and rope climbing on the ground is perfect for the strong belly. Leg strength training and mobilization of the back complete the training.

Start training for the summer with our five exercises! Watch the perfect summer workouts in our fitness videos!

How to do? You can do the exercises as a circle. Start with the first exercises and do them one after the other. Then you can do two or three laps depending on your fitness level.


Whole body for upper body and legs

⏱  10 repetitions 

Burpees are a fundamental and full bodyweight exercise which improves your coordination, balance and strength. It is a standard exercise in Crossfit.

Burpees – a full body workout to loose weight!


Strength for the abs
⏱ 8-12 repetitions 

This workout with rope climbing crunches are fantastic for toning up the abdominal muscles.

Rope Climbing – Perfect Workout for a strong core!


Strength for the legs
⏱ 10-15 repetitions 

This important strength move of the back lunge or reverse lunge is one of the best exercises for your butt and thighs. It’s a must have workout in your trainings program. The basic exercise is really effective for strong legs.

Back Lunge or Reverse Lunge


Mobility for the back and hips
⏱ 15-20 repetitions each side

Give your muscles the mobility of an advanced athlete. With the Spinal Twist you will get stronger and more flexible. Improve your hip mobility with this easy experience.

Spinal Twist – Mobility Workout


Strength core und belly
⏱ 15-20 repetitions each side

The bird dog is a simple and very effective exercise that improves stability. It is a bodyweight floor exercise and strengthens the core and abdominal muscles. Also the lower back, tights and butt are included.

Bird Dog Exercise – Abs Workout


Always ask a doctor for advice if you’ve had any related injuries to prevent strain.

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