5 Minutes Full Body + Endurance Workout

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Side Rotation in standing for a full body training.

The sides of your core are just as important as the front. Here is a great exercise that target the obliques muscles, the sides of the core, the arms and also legs. It’s a kind of full body workout with an endurance part.

Watch our video on YouTube for knowing how to do the Side Rotation Workout perfectly!

Start standing, elbows bent and arms raised 


Now move your body to one side and stretch your back leg, Arms stay raised and the eyes are forward and follow the movement


Move dynamically to the other side in the same position


Tip: The workout is also perfect for endurance. For example, you can train 10x 1min and always take a 15sec break in between.


Always ask a doctor for advice if you’ve had any related injuries to prevent strain.

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