How many times a day should you look at your stepcounter app?

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How many times a day do you look at your pedometer app? As a rule, it is sufficient to look at the app 3-4 times a day, because then you have the most important information you need. But at what time is that ideal? 

StepsApp offers many possibilities to track not only steps but also other data such as distance, movement time, calories, etc. You can also track your activity in detail. You can evaluate your activities in detail and even get awards when you have reached your goals. For all these things, you don’t even have to look at the display of your phone all the time. As you know, StepsApp counts your steps automatically in the background. So just leave your phone in your pocket and let us do the work.

How many times a day should you look at your phone and check your steps in StepsApp?

After your morning exercise

A typical sensible daily routine from a step counting perspective looks like this. Ideally, you go for a leisurely morning walk after getting up and collect your first steps. So after your first morning activity (which can be walking, of course), it’s worth looking at your pedometer app and analysing your first step count.

Before or after lunch

Afterwards, you might go to work or, if you have time off, to a meeting in town with friends. This means that you will probably take a few steps again in the morning. So it makes sense to look at your pedometer app either before or after lunch to see how many steps you should take after lunch. If you have been very active in the morning and are generally very active in the morning, then you should have about 30-50% of your daily workload on your app by now. After your lunch and digestive walk you will feel fit again for the rest of the day.

After work

After work in the afternoon, you might be active again and collect more steps if you go to sports with friends or walk the dog. Then you can open the app and look at your progress. You will see that ideally you have already reached about 70-80% of your daily steps.

In the evening

Counting steps is the most fun in the evening ;). So before you go to bed, if you had an active day, you can study the evaluations in the app and see when you were most active during the day and adjust your goal for the next day if necessary.

StepsApp offers the possibility to activate various notifications in the settings. This means that you are always up to date with your steps and are notified of your progress. So you don’t always have to remember to move again, we take care of that for you. 


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