Counting floors with StepsApp

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An active lifestyle is sustainably healthy and makes you happy. Besides counting steps, you can also count floors. The advantage of counting floors is that you train your strength as well as your endurance. Have you discovered Floors in StepsApp yet?

We have the best tips on how to use Floors in StepsApp and a tip for the ideal accompanying strength training.

How floors / flight of stairs work in StepsApp

It is very easy. You get floors/flights of stairs with a simple tap on the big circle in the steps menu of StepsApp. At the moment we only count all stairs Up. The floors / flights of stairs displayed in StepsApp are the same as displayed in Apple Health. To return to your steps count, tap again on the circle.

Simple tap on the big circle in the steps menu of StepsApp to see the floors

How much is one Floor?

One floor/flight of stairs is counted as about 10 feet (3 meters) of elevation gain. That’s approximately 16 steps. Of course, your steps are counted at the same time.

How do you make sure that the floors in StepsApp are working properly?

For this you need to check the setting in Apple Health and give the approvals.

Please check the following:

  1. Open Apple Health
  2. Settings
  3. Apps
  4. StepsApp
  5. Enable Flights Climbed

-> Open Apple Health -> Settings -> Apps -> StepsApp -> Enable Flights Climbed

Tips to walk more floors

  • Forget the elevator and take the stairs in the office
  • Automatic stairs “no thanks”, again the stairs are a better choice
  • Incorporate stairs into your walk, it challenges you a little more
  • When walking up stairs, it is not the speed that is important. Therefore, take enough breaks to keep your heart rate down.
  • For professionals, a stair walk strengthens your gluteal muscles 😉

How do I additionally train my buttocks and legs for climbing stairs?

For a strong and tight butt, exercises that stretch your hips are perfect. Basic exercises like squats, deadlifts and lunges are ideal, they load the gluteus maximus during hip flexion and strengthen your butt.

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