Three things you should never do while counting steps

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These are three things you should never do while counting steps. Pedometer apps like StepsApp help you keep moving regularly. They motivate you and are your constant companion in everyday life. But there are three things you should never do while counting steps. 

1. Constantly looking at your phone and checking your steps

We all have our smartphone in our pocket all the time. Whether walking, hiking or just strolling through the city, the phone is our constant companion. So we are often tempted to take the phone out of our pocket and take a look at it. But why? If you’re actively counting steps, then keep the phone in your pocket. Pedometer apps like StepsApp automatically count your steps in the background. You don’t have to keep glancing at it. Enjoy your walk or hike and don’t think about what’s happening on your phone. Then you will enjoy it more and increase your quality of life and satisfaction. 

2. Recalculate and question your steps 

A pedometer app reads your steps from the phone’s motion sensor memory. This data is obtained from movements and vibrations. Using this data, your steps are calculated and displayed. If two different people walk the same distance together, then there may be different steps. Why? Because the stride length is not the same for each person. However, this does not mean that the app counts incorrectly. You can also walk the same distance at different speeds and therefore take different numbers of steps. This is also quite normal. Therefore, rely on your pedometer app, because it is usually quite accurate. However, if something seems strange to you, then contact the support of your app. There are experts there who can help you individually. Note that pedometer apps like StepsApp work best when you have your phone in your pocket.

3. Get angry when you don’t reach your goal

Goals help you stay active on a regular basis and motivate you to move. There are phases when we reach our goals very easily and feel good. And there are phases when every step is difficult and the motivation is not so high. In StepsApp, for example, you can set different goals and when you reach them, you get an award. This motivates you and increases your ambition. But don’t be upset if you miss your goal by a small margin. That is not a problem. You will certainly be in a better mood the next time. You can always adjust goals depending on how you feel at the moment.

Three things you should never do while counting steps – Let’s go!

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