Why you should exercise, even if things aren’t going so well for a while

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Full speed at 120% is not possible

We are all no machines, accordingly we can all have a low, that is quite normal. Always full speed at 120% is simply not possible. It doesn’t have to. Probably none of us manages 30,000 steps every day so easily. The body and the mind need breaks and recovery. 

But still, it often makes sense not to take a complete break from sports. There is a difference between rest and recovery. Clearly, if you are in pain, have a fever or feel ill, then sport makes no sense and you should recuperate. But a low motivation can turn around very quickly. Therefore, get over yourself and be active even in these phases. You don’t have to run a marathon or climb the next 2000m mountain. Set yourself smaller and achievable goals and reduce your daily steps.

Why? Your health and endurance will improve through regularity. It is better to do 20-30 minutes of exercise three times a week than 1h 30min once a week. This is also easier on your joints and your body gets used to the strain. 

It’s all about the goal you have

A common mistake is to exercise too irregularly and too rarely and then wonder why your condition does not improve. Therefore, plan the time for exercise in advance for one or two weeks. You can then flexibly decide how long you will exercise on each day, depending on your condition on the day. If you have a goal of 10,000 steps, but you are not that motivated, then simply set the goal aside or reduce it to 5,000 steps. That’s better than nothing.

Why you should exercise, even if things aren’t going so well for a while

You should also exercise when things are not going so well, but at a lower intensity and not for as long as usual. You can always set different priorities. Yes, you should even bring variety into your activities. You will only get better if the body gets new stimuli again and again. And that also means that more intensive and less intensive phases alternate. 

Just relax and enjoy

If it gets colder outside again, then the overcoming may be higher at first, but the reward is all the more intense. After all, who doesn’t like hiking or walking through a beautiful autumn landscape. The smell of nature, the gentle autumn wind in your nose and the last warm rays of sunshine on your face, that’s pure motivation. Then you’ll manage the next 15,000 steps with ease.

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